Until now, and possibly still, I am considering a personal suit. My doctor told me to take a second pill after the first caused projectile vomiting, dizziness, and the inability to stand. He told me to take it with Zantac to keep it down. I think his advice to take this second pill was negligent. Additionally, the hospital did nothing for eight hours, they just let me convulse on an ER table. They should have at least flushed out my system. 

However, I just discovered other people similarly affected last night, so my theories may be changing. When I was first injured there was not much out there about Levaquin and I had only found two others injured. One blew out her tendons and the other is a friend who only had slurred speech for one day. The latter was lucky enough to have gone to a hospital where the ER staff flushed out his system before sending him home.

Last Updated 7/10/04