I have never written anything to this chat group, but I'm definitely not new to it. I've been reading everybody's posts for over three months now, and as much as I wanted to believe it was the FQ's why I felt like this, I always thought there was just something wrong with me.

Until I read Shawnee's e-mail and started to really believe. I'm 24 years old and my story begins with a 4 week prescription to Noroxin (norfloxacin) in July 2000.

The first week went smooth without me feeling any different than before, and it took care of the infection. Then the headaches begun. Every single day I would get this insane pain on the left side of my head and down the left side of my neck. It maid me squint so hard that my eyes were barely open at all times. Then my vision got worse (in my left eye only) and I had to start wearing glasses. All this was accompanied with tiredness, powerlessness, depression, anxiety attacks and enormous number of bathroom visits. During this period of three months, I would fall asleep around 11pm ,wake up around 2am and stay up till work at 8am just freaking out, scared to death because I didn't know what's wrong. How I kept my job, I have no idea.

The fact that there was something wrong with me and I didn't know what, probably amplified all my problems I mentioned above. I have since then done a lot of testing to rule out some major illnesses and this made me settle down and come alive a little bit. As far as my headaches, they're still here only they're not as severe as before. My vision is still messed up and it only gets worse at times. I don't have severe tendon problems, but I did pull a muscle in my lower back three months ago, and it still hasn't fully healed. Whether this is FQ related, I'm not sure. So, for me this year has pretty much been a write off, and I hope I won't have many more like this one. 

As far as intracranial hypertension, is this something that doctors know about and is there any treatment for it, does anybody know a good site or some literature I can find on this? Who ever read my message, thanks for your time, and any helpful advice on treating the way I feel is well appreciated.

Last Updated 7/31/04