Thanks for the feed back from all of you wonderful people.

The doctor was indeed aware of the contraindications. In fact, as soon as my daughter began to show signs of back-ache, we brought her in and told the doctor that we felt "very" strongly that the Cipro was the cause, bringing in literature to back everything up that we said and asked that she stop the Cipro.

She immediately discounted everything we told her, including the Bayer literature and warnings as just warnings. she asked my husband and I to show her literature on pediatric patients that were hurt by the drug "show me other patients that this happened to in the pediatric community, you don't want to stop a drug that may be helping her bone infection since we can't really prove this is what's causing the pain".

We pleaded and cried. Every couple of days later, we would go into her office with a newer complaint of another area that hurt, always with the same papers and cries for help, always getting the same answers. My daughter was not in a situation where her life was any where near threatened and as it turns out the original drug has helped her bone infection, so the Cipro was not the last drug in the arsenal by any stretch. Thank God her primary pediatrician believed us, but he also tested her for autoimmune/arthritis, lyme, and other possible causes, MRi's showed that we weren't nuts. Up till that point my daughter was an active 12 year old that enjoyed sports and all the other good things that they do.

Now, she requires pain meds for the pain she endures daily and cries when she sees people that haven't seen her for a while and say "hey, I know you, you used to walk." Sometimes I feel like mailing the roller-blades to the doctor that completely dismissed us and did this to our daughter...In addition to all of this, my daughter has during her short life, undergone 31 surgeries to reconstruct her face and skull, she breathes through a tracheotomy. up till now, the best thing that was hers was her ability to that's gone...Sorry that I am on a downer but I feel that you all understand the helplessness.

Last Updated 7/31/04