I'm not sure whether this was the Levaquin, my genetics, or a combination of both. I was prescribed Levaquin for a sinus infection. After taking it for several days I was in misery.

I was severely anxious, nauseous, weaker than when I started, sleepless, and had a tingling in my right finger tips and toes. I thought I was dying. I went to the emergency room where the doctor said I was having a panic attack. I was subsequently diagnosed with depression.

Something I'd never experienced in my 32 years. I've been on antidepressants for 6 weeks and have just started feeling normal. I still can't sleep for any stretch longer than 4 hours. Did the Levaquin trigger something in my genetic makeup (family history of depression)? I don't know. It cured the sinusitis but the side effects made me feel like I was coming apart.

Last Updated 7/12/04