I posted early on in my Levaquin saga that my vision has been affected.

I suddenly needed a new prescription shortly after I was FQ'd, then needed another change, this time a weaker prescription, 2 months later.

Previously, I needed eye exams every 2 years. I need another exam again, but it'll have to wait. Also, my metabolism has changed. I lost about 15 lbs. after being FQ'd, then 8 more when I developed the ulcer & was afraid to eat. (Never had stomach problems before FQ).

Now I eat anything I want & don't gain weight. The way I'm eating, I should have put that 20lbs back on. I look better, but the thought that things are changing in my body is disquieting, to say the least. I think somebody else wrote about that too. Also, the pain in my legs moves around.

Last Updated 7/12/04