I am also a quinolone victim after having taken Cipro in Dec. 1998.

It changed a lot since the last time I took a look into the forum.

I had more or less to undergo the same hell as almost everybody on this forum. I guess that it might be interesting for the others to give a short update how my condition is now after 1 year.

Muscle pain: vanished

tremor: vanished

Hypersensitivity: Has got a great deal better but still is active esp. without medication

vision problems: vanished

tendon problems: almost unchanged, may be little improvements

sleeping problems: without constant medication sleeping still is impossible. I have tried it countless times but it end up with nightmares, being soaked with sweat and racing heart. At least I have found a mixture of herbs which seem to have almost no side effects and can avoid to take benzodiazepines or neuroleptics.

Physical condition: still have arrhythmias esp. when I try to exercise and sleeping problems increase. 

I tried to interest a major newsmagazine for our problems in the meantime, but they showed no interest.

Last Updated 7/12/04