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These are stories that were posted in the public forums prior to .  The posts come from the yahoo Quinolone forum and the medications forum.  They are sorted by date, then medication.  Click anywhere in the symptoms area to bring up the full text of the post.



1999 (jump to 2000)

January, 1999

Cipro Heart Attack
Levaquin, Cipro Joint pain, tendonitis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, blurred vision
Levaquin, Cipro Life altered irreparably
Levaquin, Cipro Paranoia, dizziness, memory loss, night sweats, bed spins
Levaquin Fatal heart arrhythmia
Levaquin Welts
Levaquin Muscle aches, headaches, neck and back pain
Levaquin Sore tendons and joints
Levaquin Muscle pain, killer headaches, vomiting ,rash
Levaquin Complete loss of sense of taste
Trovan Liver Failure


February, 1999

Biaxin Panic attacks
Cipro Depersonalization, anxiety, dizziness
Cipro, Floxin Extreme pelvic pain, disorientation, difficulty swallowing, central nervous system problems
Cipro, Floxin Insomnia
Cipro, Floxin Panic attacks, anxiety
Cipro, Floxin Headache, elevated blood pressure, severe abdominal pain, hallucinations, anxiety, insomnia, peripheral neuropathy
Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin, Trovan Pain in joints, fingers and wrists
Cipro, Levaquin Problems breathing, insomnia, acute burning pain, joint pain
Floxin Brain explosions, uncontrollable shaking, racing heart
Floxin Full body tremors
Levaquin Insomnia, panic attacks, nightmares, dizziness
Levaquin Insomnia
Levaquin Constant buzzing in the head, weak, sensitive to sounds, muscle spasms
Levaquin Tendonitis, heart problems, muscle and nerve pain, sore knee joints, numbness
Levaquin Bone infarction or avascular necrosis
Levaquin Bone infarction, rash
Levaquin Rash, severe crippling knee pain, wrist weakness, tremors, profuse sweating
Levaquin Pain in knee joints requiring wheelchair, burning hands, weak hands and wrists, rash
Levaquin Sinus and nasal cavities congested, unable to breath requiring a visit to the ICU, dizziness, disorientation
Levaquin Shaking hands, legs and head
Levaquin Skin rash, jaw clamped shut, Achilles tendonitis, bad sciatica pain, mania
Levaquin Tremors, unable to walk
Levaquin Tremors
Levaquin Insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, dizziness
Levaquin Severe knee pain, burning in palms of hands, hand and wrist weakness, tremors, rash


March 1999

Cipro Levaquin Insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, hyperventilation
Levaquin Muscle spasms, burning pressure pain in the head, insomnia, explosive headaches, confusion, hypersensitive to sound


May 1999

Cipro Rapid pulse rate
Cipro Achilles tendon tear
Floxin Adverse drug reaction
Levaquin Headaches and dizziness
Levaquin Achilles tendonitis, burning, pins and needles sensation
Levaquin Severe tennis elbow, painful joints, swelling throughout body
Levaquin Siezures
Trovan Unable to breath, drop in pulse and blood pressure


June 1999

Cipro Debilitating headaches, nausea, blurred vision, anemia
Cipro Severe vomiting, beetroot red face, sweats, shivering, head felt like it was going to explode
Cipro Vomiting, chills, shakiness, fatigue, neck pain, headaches, migraines, unsteady feeling
Cipro Severe diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, confusion, tremors of hands, legs and head
Cipro Muscle cramps, aches, spasms, twitches, etc, numbness in left arm and hand (thumb), spasms, jerking
Cipro Tremor, Joint pains, Facial pain, Muscle twitches, Ear pain, Migraine & Lightheaded, Confusion, Aches & pains in the shoulder & neck area.
Levaquin Severe pain in knees, hips, shin bones, back and ribcage, diarrhea, gas pains that feel like a heart attack
Levaquin Heart problems (i.e. palpitations, arrhythmias, tachycardia)
Levaquin Visual damage, bone pain, burning calf muscles, involuntary muscle contractions, inflamed tendon in right hand, difficulty breathing
Levaquin Diarrhea, joints ached, weight loss, stiff and sore
Levaquin Severe pain in virtually every joint in body
Levaquin Muscle weakness, cramping, muscular pain all over, tics in arms and legs, double vision, rash, anxiety, insomnia, depression, fatigue
Levaquin Nausea
Quinolone Suffering constant pain
Quinolone Muscle spasms over entire body, burning, carpel tunnel syndrome, vision problems, psychotic episodes, hallucinations, tremors, panic attacks, voiding dysfunction
Trovan Dizzy, blurred vision, trembling, flushed chest and head, painful skin, high blood pressure
Trovan Fatigue, bilateral tingling in arms, confusion


July 1999

Cipro Headache, tinnitus, insomnia, major organ failure requiring a drug induced coma


August 1999

Cipro Popping in every joint in body, blurred vision in left eye, pain and light sensitivity in eye, symptoms mimicking ALS
Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin Pain, hallucinations, panic attacks, carpal tunnel syndrome, jaw pain, blind spots in vision
Floxin Shaking, slurred speech, difficulty walking, uncontrollable tremors
Floxin Devastating reaction
Maxaquin Husband destroyed by the drug
Levaquin Unable to think clearly, fatigue, malaise, elevated white blood count, joint pain, rash, headache, muscle weakness
Levaquin Restlessness, fatigue, headache, difficulty breathing, rashes, hives, pain in joints and tendons
Levaquin Nausea, headache, aching back, weakness, hypersensitivity
Levaquin Achilles problems, tendonitis
Levaquin Fatigue, dull headaches, lower back aches, shooting pains in wrists and ankles, depression
Levaquin Insomnia, irritability, felt like the room is closing in
Quinolones Nausea, shortness of breath, headaches, foot and ankle cramps, insomnia
Levaquin Unable to climb stairs because of pain, dizziness, headaches, drowsiness, skin problems, itching, testicular swelling and pain, tendon pain, vision problems, speech problems, mental problems
Levaquin Brain fog, twitches in arms and eye, muscle aches, elevated blood pressure


Extreme headaches, pain in left Achilles tendon, aches and pains over entire body, eye spasms
Trovan Husband died taking the drug
Trovan Life threatening reaction
Trovan Jaundice, serious liver ADR


September 1999

Cipro Heart attack
Floxin Tendon problems
Levaquin Fatal heart arrhythmia
Levaquin Outbreak of welts
Levaquin Muscle aches, headaches, neck and back pain
Levaquin Sore tendons and joints
Levaquin Muscle pain, killer headaches, vomiting, rash
Levaquin Joint pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, blurred vision, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue
Levaquin Complete loss of sense of taste
Trovan Liver failure requiring liver transplant


October 1999

Cipro Achilles tendons constantly sore
Cipro, Floxin Suffering for 6 years
Cipro, Floxin Dizziness, nausea, vision problems, pressure in the ears, tinnitus, decreased cognitive ability, shoulder pain
Floxin Anxiety attacks, severe back pain
Quinolone Bone and joint pain, acute burning over entire body
Quinolone Inner ear pressure, sounds in the ear, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo
Quinolone Possibly torn meniscus, cartilage injury
Quinolone Severe vision problems, nausea, dizziness
Quinolone Dizziness, pressure in head and nausea for three years and counting
Quinolone PET scan revealed significant damage (metabolic dysfunction) and neurological dysfunction consistant with severe seizure disorder
Levaquin Restlessness, tremors, anxiety, joint pain
Levaquin Osteonecrosis in the knees, hips and shoulders
Levaquin Joint pain, neck pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, anxiety, depression, dizziness, stomach pain, fatigue
Levaquin Joint pain
Levaquin Prescribed to an 11 year old - joint pain in elbows, knees and wrists, unable to walk
Levaquin Joint pain, tendonitis, crippled
Levaquin Nerve damage causing vision problems, involuntary muscle contractions, burning in left calf, pan in right hip and foot
Levaquin Shooting, ripping pain in calves, sharp pain in Achilles, confined to wheelchair
Levaquin Terrible leg pains and numbness in right hand
Levaquin Confined to wheelchair because of severe tendonitis
Levaquin Muscle and joint pain, constant pain for a very long time
Levaquin Knee and joint pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities
Levaquin Sleeplessness, chest tightness, rapid heart rate, dizziness, general weakness
Levaquin Dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness, confusion, unable to concentrate
Levaquin, Trovan Muscle twitches, fatigue, throat swelling, joint pain, low thyroid
Levaquin, Trovan Joint stiffness, fatigue
Trovan Death


November 1999

Cipro, Levaquin Face swelled up like a balloon, throat closed, unable to breath, body shook uncontrollably
Floxin, Cipro Severe acid reflux, muscle soreness taking years to get over, colitis
Floxin Rash, tingling sensation in feet, loud ringing in the ears
Levaquin Tendon pain, skin reaction
Levaquin Slurring, incredible headache
Levaquin Nausea, slurred speech, dizziness, general unsteadiness
Levaquin Adverse Drug Reaction
Levaquin Jaw pain requiring 3 dentists, 2 oral surgeons and an endodonist
Levaquin Shooting stabbing pains in knees, shin bones and muscles up to thighs
Levaquin Insomnia, joint pain, intense shoulder pain, pain in knees making it difficult to stand up
Levaquin Excruciating pain in Achilles tendons making it impossible to walk, Achilles tendons tighten up
Levaquin Projectile vomiting, dizziness, unable to stand, convulsions
Levaquin Seizure like episodes, tremors, slurred speech, right side weakness
Quinolone Tendonitis for an entire year and counting
Quinolone Pain and dizziness
Quinolone Head pressure, inner ear and neck pressure, brain fog
Quinolone Long term affects from 4 tablets
Quinolone Severe CNS symptoms persisting 6 years, poor memory, shakiness, muscle twitching, facial numbness, lack of coordination
Raxar Anxiety, insomnia, tinnitus, CNS problems, tendon pain


December 1999

Cipro Muscle pain, tremor, vision problems, tendon problems, sleep problems
Cipro, Floxin Vertigo, head quivering, vision problems, tendonitis in both shoulders
Enoxacin Achilles tendonitis, left patellar tendon injured, tendonitis in hands
Levaquin Neurological Adverse Drug Reaction, slurred speech
Levaquin Severe anxiety, nausea, weak, insomnia, tingling in fingers and toes, panic attacks, depression
Levaquin Vision problems, metabolic changes, weight loss, pain in legs
Levaquin Neurological reaction
Levaquin Numbness, stabbing pains in bones, muscle cramps, twitches, spasms, vision problems, carpel tunnel syndrome
Levaquin Mental problems, pain, swollen face
Quinolone Low magnesium levels, unable to absorb calcium
Quinolone Pain
Quinolone Blurred vision, sensitivity to light, joint and muscle pain, brain fog


2000 (jump to 1999)


January 2000

Cipro Severely disabled do to muscular - joint pain
Cipro, Levaquin Severe constipation, mental problems
Levaquin Stomach problems, constant headaches, fatigue, pain in joints requiring prescription pain medication
Levaquin Tingling in toes and feet, band feeling around knees, stomach discomfort
Levaquin Severe leg tightness and cramping, anxiety, depression
Levaquin Permanent hearing loss
Maxaquin, Floxin Severe psychiatric side effects - victim pointed gun at his head, tendon pain, sleep disorder
Quinolone Achilles tendons damaged so severely a wheelchair is required
Trovan Severe blood pressure drop, difficulty breathing that almost resulted in death, joint pain
Trovan Liver failure leading to a transplant, mental problems, delirium


February 2000

Cipro, Floxin Burning and soreness in chest, left side and left back areas for 2 1/2 years and counting
Cipro, Floxin Nerve disorder
Levaquin Paranoia, sleeplessness, depression, confusion
Levaquin Dizziness, sleeplessness, hallucinatory dreams
Levaquin Dizziness causing falling down, mental problems
Quinolone Numbness and tingling in fingers, nerve problems in arms, pain in shoulders


March 2000

Cipro Blew out every tendon in right shoulder, tendonitis in left shoulder and bicep
Cipro Heart murmur, dry eyes, eyes sensitive to light
Levaquin Heart palpitations, irregular and fast heartbeat, trouble sleeping, impaired mental alertness
Levaquin Joint and tendon problems
Levaquin Irregular heartbeat, minor confusion, pain in jaw and finger joints
Levaquin Ruptured Achilles tendons
Levaquin Nausea, dizziness, cold sweats, anxiety attacks, trembling muscles
Levaquin Joint and tendon problems, muscle problems, vision problems
Levaquin Ruptured tendons, arthritis symptoms
Levaquin Pain from hips to feet
Levaquin Severe body aches, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping
Levaquin Tingling in arms, insomnia
Levaquin Pain in shin bones, knees, and joints in legs, pain in shoulders and arms, insomnia, nightmares,  anxiety, diarrhea, cramping
Levaquin Very bad tendon pain in legs making walking very difficult
Levaquin Severe mental problems including depression and anxiety, sleep problems, burning skin, ER visits
Quinolone Difficulty walking due to pain


April 2000

Avelox Joint and muscle pain, lung problems
Cipro Bilateral hearing loss, tinnitus, inner ear damage causing balance problems, nausea, vomiting, vision problems, pain in arm and leg joints
Cipro Became so sick - had to quit job, mental problems
Levaquin Pain in both shoulders and knees
Levaquin Tendon problems
Levaquin Terrible shoulder pain, rotor cuff (tendon) tear suspected
Levaquin Double vision
Levaquin Tingling and numbness in arms, anxiety, depression, fatigue, muscle stiffness, joint pain, eye floaters
Levaquin Laryngeal Spasms causing breathing difficulty - required a call to 911
Levaquin Severe rotor cuff problem in left shoulder, problems with right shoulder and right elbow
Quinolone Multiple tendinopathy, acute tendonitis on the right Achilles tendon
Quinolone Double vision, light sensitivity, loss of visual acuity


May 2000

Cipro Peripheral neuropathy, rashes, edema
Levaquin Ruptured tendons in both ankles requiring surgery
Levaquin Very bad reaction almost resulting in death
Levaquin Numbness over entire body
Levaquin Red rash on arms, legs, stomach, back, face and chest, swelling, disorientation, bad headache
Levaquin Pain in Achilles tendons, pain in calf muscles and knees
Levaquin Adverse drug reactions
Levaquin Gastroparesis (neurological disorder of the stomach), cramps and stabbing stomach pain
Quinolone Joint and tendon problems, permanent hearing loss
Quinolone Tremors and chills, nausea


June 2000

Avelox Tingling in arms, joint pain in toes and hands
Cipro Tingling and numbness in hands feet and calves, stiffness in all extremities
Floxin Carpel tunnel in left hand
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy, Guillain Barre reaction
Levaquin Adverse drug reaction
Levaquin Severe shoulder problems, torn rotator cuff
Levaquin Numbness in face, hands and feet, pain in both wrists, tremors, fatigue, muscle and joint pain
Levaquin Rotator cuff tendonitis, anxiety, depression, leg and joint pain, muscle twitching, vision problems, tinnitus, foggy brain, food sensitivities, neck pain
Levaquin Pain in most joints, pressure and pain in chest making climbing stairs difficult, arthritis in heels, hands and knees
Levaquin Severe depression resulting in suicide
Levaquin Urine turned dark, skin and eyes turned yellow, liver damage
Levaquin Very sick
Levaquin Parasthesias in arms and feet, carpal tunnel, numbness, pins and needles sensations, neurological problems
Levaquin Peripheral neuropathy
Levaquin Hyper mania, insomnia, headache
Quinolone Numbness and tingling on left side of face and fingers, severe pain in calves, joint pain in knees, elbows and wrists, fatigue, depression, vision problems, rotator cuff tendonitis
Quinolone Physical problems, pain, insomnia
Quinolone Hallucinations, panic attacks, gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, pain in right shoulder and left knee
Quinolone Severe chronic pain in both knees, shin bones, and leg muscles, stomach ulcer, gastritis, weight loss, diarrhea


July 2000

Levaquin Numbness in arm, tingling and numb sensations in lower jaw, nerve pain in hand


August 2000

Avelox, Levaquin Feeling strange, nausea, joint pain, fatigue
Cipro, Levaquin Severe muscle aches, shin and knee pain, severe eye pain, developed stomach ulcer
Floxin Extreme anxiety and fearfulness, weird panic attacks with feelings like my body is slowing down, or seizing up, loss of fine motor skills, weird thoughts and feelings, feelings of unreality, terrible insomnia, electric shocks down arms and legs, tendonitis
Floxin, Levaquin Severe hand and wrist pain, intense pain in knee joint, legs feel like they are on fire, hand and fingers ache
Levaquin Insomnia, severe pain in left knee - unable to raise it from the bed, stiff and sore finger joints
Levaquin Swelling and pain in right knee making it difficult to get up from a chair, leg cramps, calf muscles ache, foot cramps
Levaquin Tingling and numbness in both arms, panic attacks, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, muscle twitches, aching right arm and shoulder
Levaquin Severe light sensitivity, rash, hand tremors, depression, irritability, tendonitis in rotator cuffs and Achilles tendons, unable to get out of bed because of pain
Levaquin Tendonitis, depression, insomnia
Quinolone Large red welt on shoulder, painful joints, severe pain in knee, stomach pain, numbness in arms and hands
Quinolone Inflammation of the tendons requiring a surgical boot, possible need for surgery due to tendon problems


September 2000

Cipro Mental problems, detachment, confusion, panic attacks, tendonitis in neck and shoulders, rapid heart rate
Levaquin Nerve damage
Levaquin Fatigue, weakness
Levaquin Anxiety and panic attacks, elevated blood pressure
Levaquin Joint pain in shoulders and neck, pain in knee, wrist and finger joints
Levaquin Swollen knee, rash, arthritis, elevated blood pressure
Levaquin Severe knee pain making it hard to stand up, pain in ankles, heals, wrists, shoulders and ribs, headache, rapid heartbeat
Quinolone Rotator cuff tendonitis, arms and legs "go to sleep", sore finger joints and wrists, elbow pain
Quinolone Heart palpitations, neurological symptoms, anxiety attacks, parasthesias, tendonitis


October 2000

Cipro Ruptured tendons in all major joints, bone death, insomnia, depression
Cipro, Levaquin Severe dental problems including 7 oral surgeries and the loss of 21 teeth and bone, clotting disorders, blown tendons in elbows, tendon ruptures
Cipro, Levaquin Tendon problems in all major joints
Floxin Tendonitis and arthritis
Floxin, Levaquin Panic attack, pain in knees - unable to walk, stomach problems
Floxin, Levaquin Serious reaction
Levaquin Insomnia, rapid heart beat
Levaquin Joint, nerve and tendon pain, barely able to walk
Levaquin Insomnia, cardiac arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure, severe headaches, indigestion, depression, altered senses of smell and taste, joint pain, eye twitches, rapid heartbeat, fatigue
Levaquin Anxiety, increased pulse rate, stiffening and pain in several joints
Levaquin Metallic taste in mouth, distorted sense of smell
Levaquin Damage to nerves and tendons in both legs and right arm
Levaquin Soreness over entire body, difficulty walking, every joint in body in severe pain
Levaquin Knees and elbows make noise - get stuck - feel like they are on fire, loss of strength and motor skills
Levaquin Metallic taste in mouth, rapid heartbeat, panic attacks, joint and tendon pain


November 2000

Avelox Tachacardia, anxiety attacks, depression, weight loss, muscle weakness, muscle twitches, tendonitis, sensitivity to light, eye floaters
Avelox Mental problems, nightmares, terrible rash over feet and legs, pain in calves, swollen feet, needs to walk with a cane
Cipro 12 year old girl wheelchair bound due to tendonitis in all of her joints from her back down
Cipro, Levaquin Blown tendons around shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, mild to moderate carpal tunnel
Floxin, Levaquin Sex glands red and painful, intense burning in urethra, panic attacks, sores in mouth, tingling on face and legs, pain in lower back and buttocks
Levaquin Stiffness in legs, made prostatitis worse, nervous symptoms
Levaquin Circulation problem in hands - might lose fingers, pain, tendon problems
Tequin, Cipro Constant headache, rash on face, difficulty with concentration, light sensitivity, weakness and fatigue


December 2000

Cipro Major joints started cracking, feels like joints are going to give out, arms fall asleep
Cipro Back ache, severe pain requiring pain meds
Cipro Muscle twitching, pains, tingling, visual disturbances, nausea, confusion, deep depression and anxiety, smelling smoke, joint pains in the knees, elbows and particularly the fingers
Cipro, Floxin Brain and eye problems
Cipro, Floxin 5 years of Adverse Drug Reactions
Levaquin Neurological problems, tingling, pins and needles, numbness, neuromuscular symptoms
Levaquin Memory and concentration problems, disoriented, confusion, nightmares, very slurred speech
Levaquin Pain throughout joints
Levaquin Severe pain
Levaquin Severe pain in both elbows, joint pain in arms, legs, hands, wrists, back, ankles, and feet, muscle aches, fatigue
Levaquin Pain in hip joints, swollen ankles, bruise marks on ankles and knees
Noroxin Severe headaches, vision problems, fatigue, depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia