I sure am glad to find this group. I was Floxed about fifteen months ago and only figured out the source of the problems in the last couple of months. 

I was prescribed Cipro in late 1999, to have with me in case of intestinal problems during a trip to Asia. I got the problems - big time - and started on a first course of Cipro immediately. That involved 21 500mg. pills over 10 1/2 days. I was disoriented and depersonalizing, but I attributed that to having been so horribly sick and dehydrated from the sever diarrhea.

When I finished the first course, I was still sick, so took another course of two a day for 10 days. I continued to be really spacey mentally, but was so out of it that I didn't really know that. I do know that people were accusing me of taking pain killers and being loaded when I wasn't. I also should note that I was taking Ketoprophen ER (an anti-inflammatory) during this period.

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