You will never believe what was told to me today by our church's choir director. Cheri is and has been a soloist and cantor at Mass since she has been in 4th grade. She started out in the children's choir at children's Masses and is now a member of the adult choir. She is also the assistant director of the children's choir now. Tom, our choir director, called me today because I had left a message that Cheri just couldn't sing at Mass right now.--she has started with another horrid relapse in the shoulders and back after just getting out of the wheelchair. 

Tom was livid. His 18 year old daughter is a Freshman at Loyola University. She started feeling sick last week and on Friday went into health services. At first the doctors thought she had mono, but they did a throat culture and discovered she had strep throat. Tom said they have discussed Cheri's condition with their children and warned them about the dangers of Quinolones. Sarah called her parents and said the doctor had given her a prescription for Levaquin--FOR A STREP INFECTION. Tom's wife called the doctor at health service and said Sarah couldn't take the Rx and asked for another antibiotic. The doctor became rude and hostile and demanded to know why. The mom explained to him what had happened to Cheri--his response--"That's crazy--there are no side effects like that--the girl must be mental." HE REFUSED TO WRITE ANOTHER PRESCRIPTION.

Tom and his wife drove to the University, picked their daughter up and had to take her to emergency to get another prescription for her (they couldn't reach their pediatrician). Tom said he is furious with the arrogance of this doctor. He said Cheri's condition probably saved his daughter from untold misery.

I'd like these stupid doctors to endure the pain that Cheri has every single day for even a couple of hours--then I'd like to see how many Rxs they'd write for this poison.

What next? Levaquin for hag nails?

Last Updated 7/14/04