Dr. P, (GP) originally prescribed FQ for urinary tract infection. This worked. Everything seemed okay. 

2 months pass and Dr. P, (GP) re-visited two months later because everything was going wrong (typical FQ ADR but I didn't know it). The doctor didn't identify it either. It was before the FDA caused the re-labeling, but I don't think that would have helped. I manifested left shoulder/arm weakness/pain and EKG showed a possible heart problem. 

2 months pass before I get to see --Dr. T, (Heart) did the heart study. Everything okay. He wondered what it was and referred me to Dr. R. 

1 month passes before I get to see --Dr. R, (Rheumatologist) did a full and complete workup - baffled.

By this time I have a pronounced limp because of Achilles tendon pain, etc. 

3 years pass (a very bad time). My wife and I decide to move to a different standard of living because this thing is manifesting and surely will be something BAD. Prepare for the worst. Then I find a new GP. Dr. H, (GP) on a hunch discovered the FQ ADR and put me on Prednisone 10mg/day for relief of chronic tendonitis pain.

There were times that this was so bad I could hardly walk. I have a desk job, so most of the time I'm off my feet and not walking. I have to do some construction work on our house and this has been almost impossible because of the footgear needed to work safely. I felt so much better at relief from the pain. And there was some solace in knowing that the problem was NOT something REALLY BAD. I am able to do some construction work on my house if I'm careful what I put on my feet (nothing that massages the Achilles tendon) and be VERY CAREFUL to not over-extend. 

Periodic 1 year visit over 2.5 years - tendonitis pain manageable on the steroids. No further lab follow-up done. Just prescribe over phone every month for 2.5 years Prednisone 10mg/day and the problem almost fixed! Or is it? 

I change GPs for distance reasons. Dr. S, (GP and Heart) revisits steroid use and says: "You really need to get off of these. They are not good for you over long periods of time." He told me what to do and how to do it to get myself off of steroids. I'm now off of steroids since 1st week in Dec. 2000. He was un-convinced that CIPRO caused the original problem. He intends to recommend a Rheumatologist.

And so the world turns.


On the map of time, I am here.


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