I haven't written anything to the group since my last post on December 8, but my condition has changed. I'm 24 and was prescribed Noroxin in July last year and since then had incredible headaches that are still here but not as severe, my number of washroom visits has increased dramatically, I have to wear glasses now because my vision in my left eye has deteriorated, and just an overall feeling of not feeling like my self is driving me insane.

Now, in six months that has passed I've never had any tendon problems, but they're definitely starting to hit me. My wrists and all the joints in my hands are starting to hurt, my Achilles tendon in left foot is starting to ache and every other minute I would feel some pain in my elbows and shoulders. I know tendon problems are probably the most common and get get pretty severe. My problems are just starting and I'm terrified 'cause god knows how long they will last. Anybody out here feeling any improvements with there tendon problems? Any suggestion is well appreciated. Thanks.


Last Updated 7/15/04