Bill (my husband) tried massage for a time but he was in so much pain that it did more harm than good. He's not willing to try the acupuncture right now. I did get him a mat that he can roll out on the bed that is like a large heating and massage pad that helps take some of the edge off. He will use this along with his pain medication and he can at least close his eyes for a few hours. He and I both have forgotten what it is like to sleep through the night and wake up without a hang over (from the lack of sleep).

As for his doctor's appointment on Wednesday, this is where we are fortunate. This rheumatologist is has been our lifeline the past 16 years. He is not the one who gave Bill the Cipro or the Levaquin (the urologist is the one who believes this is the wonder drug). This doctor does not like the drug. He is Bill's main doctor now and he is consulted anytime Bill gets a squeeze. He is very open when it comes to things I find via the internet or something I have heard on the TV.

Thanks for the recommendations. I have a sister who is suffering also and she is going to try the massage on Tuesday. This was just a coincidence but I'm glad that it helped you because no one should suffer like this.

Last Updated 7/15/04