I'm one of those with a 60 day reaction delay to Ciprofloxin.

Initially, it was diagnosed as a possible heart problem because the GP got an inverted T wave on the EKG. I went through a complete heart series at Houston Medical Center, which turned up nothing. Then the shoulder/left-arm pain diminished (but never went away), and then chronic tendonitis occurred in both Achilles, and muscle weakness, especially in the arms.  

Next, the rheumatologist was baffled because he could not diagnose the problem. Two years after the event a different GP suspected on a hunch that Cipro was the cause. We went through a discovery of the old records and found that I was given Ciprofloxin for a urinary tract infection. This doctor gave me 10mg. Prednisone/day. It worked in 20 minutes, that terrible pain sub-sided! 

Last January I tried unsuccessfully to get off the Prednisone (after 1.5 years). Bad pain came back. Starting Dec. '2000, I weaned myself off the Prednisone again. Bad pain is back, I can hardly walk, and there are additional areas affected, i.e., wrists, finger joints, knee joints. 

I've got an appointment with the same rheumatologist. Does anyone experience relief or will this continue on?

It's been 5 years since the original event and I don't see any solution. Today, I almost went back on the Prednisone because I couldn't stand the pain. I didn't. 

Any thoughts?

Last Updated 7/15/04