Subject: Article about Quinolones, symptoms file, 5/29




Person A, prostatitis:

dry mouth, dry eyes, severe joint pain: hip & leg, especially L leg inability to walk due to pain 3 days into Levaquin therapy testing for: Sjogren's Syndrome


Person B, upper respiratory infection;

Lost all sense of smell for the better part of two years


Person C, age 52, prostatitis

joint pain & tendon problems: arches in both feet, Achilles tendons, knees, elbows, unable to lift arms above horizontal without extreme shoulder pain, pain in lower back, rib cage & neck, sprained my little finger 12 weeks ago it won't heal. Took exactly 504 CIPRO in twelve months for prostate troubles in 1996. (my condition would reoccur or never clear up completely -so I would be on them for a while then off then back on ,till I finally decided to just live with the problem and just quit going to the dr. for the prostate thing) !

Now disabled, unable to work

Doctor. says it's osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia & and unknown polyneuropathy--what's your opinion?


Person D age 39 prostatitis

muscle spasms, Severe joint pain: elbows & arches of both feet, sleeplessness, anxiety (Depersonalization, Derealization), stomach problems.


Person E, infected cyst on leg:

500 mg/day for 9 days: Initial Symptoms: depression; insomnia; cardiac distress; abdominal pain; joint and muscle pain; cramps and muscle spasms; severe paresthesia; altered smell and taste; weight loss.

Continuing Symptoms: disturbed sleep; difficulty concentrating; frequent cardiac arrhythmia and elevated blood pressure, peripheral neuropathy: persistent burning sensation of skin; pain in most major joints, including left shoulder injury; persistent rib cage soreness. Severity of some of these symptoms appears to have become cyclical.


Person F, Pelvic abscess due to abdominal surgery

Levaquin- 500mg for 16 days: torn Achilles tendons, pain in joints and tendons, brain fog, mental confusion Sensory nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy: mushy feeling in the area of my Achilles tendons. I also experienced the tingling and crawling feelings.


Person G, 31, sinusitis

I was diagnosed with sinusitis May 2000, prescribed Levaquin 500 mg for 7 days. Symptoms started a week later. Peripheral neuropathy: tingling, burning, numbness due to small fiber nerve damage which affected most of my left side of the body (cheek, neck, both arms, left leg). Hypersensitivity to hot and cold . Anxiety, depression

4 months into ADR tendon problems occurred with both arms (primarily wrist and elbow joints). Muscle weakness followed. 1 year later I'm still recovering with mild flare ups of the above symptoms.


Person H

Levaquin 500 mg/day for 20 days in late August & September, 2000: Joint pain: hands and knees, Insomnia/due to pain, panic attacks during the middle of the night, Peripheral neuropathy: nerve pain and that electrical tingling feeling

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