age 41. suspected typhoid (some kind of gut infection)

Tendon problems - severely damaged right shoulder, ongoing tendonitis in *other* shoulder and often flare-ups in other joints. Peripheral neuropathy: every now and then I get a tingling in my scalp, like there is an insect on my head, lasting for a few hours.


age 33, Cipro, sinus and ear infection (also using steroidal nasal spray)

Peripheral neuropathy: burning sensation left side of chest/side. It is a full 3 1/2 years later and I still have mild to moderate burning in my left chest/side. I am on 600 - 900 mg's of Neurontin each day and have to take a mild pain pill every once in a while. Before the Cipro, I had never experienced this type of pain in my life. My Neuro says I have ridiculopathy of the T5 nerve that runs from my back to my front. He says it may never get all that much better. He doesn't believe it has anything to do with the FQ I took. Seems odd however that my symptoms came on just as I was taking the drug.


age 31, perfect health until prostatitis for which Cipro was given as first medication; Cipro 500 for two months. Major muscle spasms and tremors, Chest pain (pending analysis next week by cardiologist), Peripheral neuropathy: burning sensation in muscles


age 56, traveler's diarrhea

Cipro 500 mg. 2 times a day for 20 days in November 1999. Psychological: exacerbation of pre-existing Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: severe depression (for almost 18 months), suicidal tendencies, depersonalization, out of body experiences. Insomnia, Muscle twitches diagnosed as Myoclonus.

age 33, Floxin/1 day, switched to Cipro/12 days

Skin Rash: red dots on arms, legs and buttocks, Joint and muscle pain: thigh, groin, hip, and legs, "Geographic tongue", Night sweats, Anxiety, panic attacks, Now it has been a month since my last Cipro and I am still experiencing muscle and joint pain in my legs. The rash is clearing up but not entirely gone. I am still experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, which I never had until the medicine. For a while I though that I was showing the signs of HIV and get tested. This came back negative. Until I saw this site I could not explain why I was feeling this way.

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