Subject: Re: Levaquin GI side effects

I had Floxin and Cipro and like your friend, been there, and still am there. My son also has stomach problems after he had Levaquin. I am now 4 years and he is almost 2 years. You didn't mention any of her other symptoms, but my son and I have a lot more than just stomach problems. I stopped eating poultry last Feb.2000 and feel a little better (this word is rather relative) but when my son , who refuses to stop eating chicken, does eat it, he feels the difference. The reason to stop eating poultry is because they feed them the fluoroquinolones to ward off salmonella, so if you are allergic to the FQ drugs, you are poisoning yourself little by little every time you eat poultry. I got this info from the top pharmacist of the maker of Floxin, and then it hit the papers later on.

Last Updated 7/16/04