Sorry to report that, though we thought we were headed for the clearing with this thing, my son has regressed. He took a summer job in D.C. and we thought he was doing well, but he's regressed to "post-event" status, almost, and we're going down to bring him home tomorrow.


He did go to a psychologist this summer who diagnosed him with Post Traumatic Tress Syndrome, resulting from the Cipro/caffeine episode at college. But understanding what happened to him hasn't helped. He's still in the obsessive thinking rut, and we think that maybe we're going to abandon psychology for psychiatry, a scary step we had hoped to avoid. 

Any comments or ideas on the eve of my son returning home? I'm feeling helpless again. I'm assuming we're going for a psychiatric assessment within the next few weeks. Any insight into any of that? And of course, into the evil mind drugs we may be looking at to remedy what the other evil mind drug did?

Last Updated 7/16/04