Subject: Levaquin & Reactions 

Good Morning, I just joined the group and have actually joined on behalf of my mother who has taken Levaquin and Trovan at one time and is now experiencing possible brain damage. Mild, right now, but the doctors' think that pieces of Myelin are peeling off the nerves in her brain. 

Both drugs caused her severe headaches and the Levaquin caused severe pain in her limbs. We are not sure what to do. Can anyone share their experiences so I can pass them onto my mom? Also, are there any legal actions taking place against the manufacturer? Her medical bills are about to skyrocket as a result, they believe, from taking the Levaquin. 

I know there is a class action suit again the Trovan manufacturer, but that seems to cause liver damage, not neurological. 

Any insight would be appreciated.

Last Updated 7/16/04