Subject: Re: First appt. with new doctor and high BP

The reason my doctor send me to the neurologist was the numbness in my hands and partial numbness around my spine between my shoulder blades. He also ordered an MRI.  

The neurologist was getting really bad readings on the mapping and kept asking if I was diabetic. He said that the carpal tunnel was to the point that if I didn't have surgery really soon, there would be permanent damage to the nerve and then surgery wouldn't help. I had it done on both hands and the numbness is completely gone from the first hand and almost gone from the second hand. However, my fingers and wrists are so messed up in the joints, that I still have trouble using my hands. My fingers won't allow me to open my hand all the way or close it for that matter. If I lay my hand palm down on a flat surface, only the base just above the wrist and the tips of my fingers touch the surface.  

The MRI and nerve mapping showed very severe cervical spondylosis at C5, C6, C7. They are telling me that is the cause of my back pain and numbness. The doctor kept asking me if I had been in an accident and hurt my neck. He said this level of spondylosis is usually only seen in really old patients around 80 unless there has been an injury. I was in a damaging accident alright...I took Levaquin!!

Last Updated 7/16/04