Subject: colonoscopies

I would like to ask those of you who have had nausea, loss of appetite and loss of weight and have had colonoscopies if there were any findings that made them worth doing. My doctor wants me to have one because of my age and now since the Levaquin I simply have no appetite and absolutely cringe at the thought that I have to eat something. The gastroenterologist who is scheduled to do it uses fentanyl for pain and versed for sedation. I told them of the problems with medications and reactions to food and it was essentially ignored and of course you don't get to talk with the doctor, just the office staff. It's the versed that I've really heard of people having problems with and don't need anymore since the Levaquin caused me brain damage, seizure disorder and cataracts amongst other things. I don't have a stomach ulcer and was negative for the bacteria.

Last Updated 7/24/04