Subject: Re: article-doctors 

Yes, I do feel that Levaquin was the cause of my mother's death.  And, Yes I have reported it to FDA.  I had a lawsuit case but because she was 86, no one would take it. If I were rich, I would have continue the suit. I have written detailed letters to the President of the hospital board, President of the hospital and public relation.  I have not heard from anyone.  The hospital called once stating that they are not responsible for their doctors. Figure that one.  I also put in a complaint to the Medical Board and they have contacted me.  They will be looking into it.  I don't think anything will come of it least they will need to talk about it and it will be in the space of discussion.  And maybe, it won't happen again or.... maybe there will be more letters and complaints......and then someone might take notice.  Every bit helps.  Thanks for asking about it.

Last Updated 7/27/04