Subject: Problems with Levaquin 

             I have been reading the reactions of others using Levaquin and I am getting furious.  I am also experiencing some of the reactions that I read about.  I started out on 6/11 with a kidney infection.  My physician started me out on Levaquin for a 16 day treatment for the infection.  After about a week, the infection got better but I developed kidney stones (not sure where that came from but possible side effect of the drug).  The worst part of all is the pain I have experienced in my right heel and both legs.  I have a weakness in my legs and pain that feels like what I would imagine arthritis might feel like.  I did NOT have this pain before taking the drug.  The pain was terrible for a week or so while lying down. It had an effect on my sleep and I would have to get up and walk around.  Now, that has subsided somewhat but I have weakness and pain when I get up after sitting or lying down.  It does get better when I walk around a little.  I suspected the drug but not until today when I came upon this website did I know it is related to this med.  Funny, the "expected" side effects do not say all of this!   

Now, I am hoping that one of you will give me good news to tell me that these symptoms will go away soon. 

Monday I am going back to my doctor and going to call Ortho-McNeil. I am going to use information from all of you that I get off of this website to fuel my fire!  I will let you know what happens.  I feel foolish in a way about this, like I should have known better.  You see, my job is to protect the public health.

Last Updated 8/01/04