Subject: Aneurysm (Cipro?)

              It wasn't until my husband had a reaction to Cipro did the doctors discover an aneurysm on his brain.  Does anyone know if there has been a linking to the drug Ciprofloxacin and an aneurysm? 

We have an appt. today with the neurosurgeon to discuss the date of his operation.  But I do NOT believe that my husband is up for brain surgery while he is still suffering from the adverse reaction to that damn drug. (acute insomnia, back, arm and leg pain, anxiety, etc.) 

 It has been nearly a month now, with no relief in sight.  I know many of you have been suffering for years and after going through it for just a month I feel that we will both lose our minds if the symptoms do not get better. How do you cope????????????????????

Last Updated 8/01/04