I read your article with great interest. I took Levaquin for 45 days and after the fifth day had severe pain in both of my hamstrings.  Was advised to continue meds and take an anti inflammatory all to no avail.  I have been to internists, sports doctors and my own physician who doubt that meds caused my problem with my hamstrings,  It has been seven months since I stopped taking the meds but still have problem sitting down for more than 20 minutes.  I have taken Vioxx cortisone shots and other anti inflammatory. all to no avail, the E M G and Ultra sound were all negative.  This Monday I go in for a bone scan that I am sure will be negative. The first week I took Levaquin I jogged 25 miles but since the pain in the pain in the hamstrings I barely walk a mile a day. I would sincerely appreciate any factual material that you could share on these affects of Levaquin and any ideas on healing.  it has been seven months of hell. Thank you. 


>>Just to let you know there is nothing "Joe McCarthy" about these drugs >causing the reaction five months later.  If you wish I will forward you >several clinical studies which prove without a doubt that this is exactly >what happens, sometimes as much as a year later.  You would also be advised >that my attorneys have also proven without a doubt with specific scientific >FACTS   that this is exactly what happened in my case and we are in the >middle of SUING both the doctors involved as well as the drug manufactures >for medical malpractice and have over a dozen medical experts (all with phd's >and numerous other initials after their names) who will testify in court that >not only is this possible this is EXACTLY what happened to me.  These experts >are so outraged at what has happened they recommended to my attorneys >(Sheller, Ludwig, and Bady) NOT to settle this case out of court and also >advised them not to accept ANYTHING LESS than full damages.  I am one of many >clients of this law firm which has proven TIME AND TIME AGAIN in a court of >law that this is what these drugs are capable of.  I have also read as well >as researched several such civil cases against the manufacture who, RATHER >THAN HAVE THESE ADR'S BECOME A PART OF THE COURT RECORD have settled out of >court sometime for millions of dollars.  I wish with all my heart that you >will never need to read anything on this site again, and I say this with no >malice, as I only have your best interest at heart.  But should you find that >you are one of these "Joe McCarthy" statistics feel more than welcomed to >join the rest of us here in HELL ON EARTH.


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