My husband and I were never afraid to take ANY medication.  We took the doctor at his word and hardly read the insert of the drug that was prescribed.  We just took it.

Well our lives have certainly changed over this past month due to the drug Ciprofloxacin (Quinolone family)  that my husband took for a bladder infection.  NEVER and I do mean NEVER will either one of us take any anti-biotic from the Quinolone family ever again.  I only hope my husband recovers enough to be able to function. 

He has only slept hour intervals for 3 weeks now.  And his pain is excruciating in his back, in his legs, and in his arms. Not to mention what it is doing to his mind.......Please have your Dr. prescribe another anti-biotic.  Nothing may happen but I would not want you to take the chance.

Last Updated 8/02/04