I called Ortho-McNeil again a few weeks ago and spoke to a woman who is a nurse and takes down all the info about the ADRs.  I told her about my problems with (again, because I did this a few years ago) Floxin and Cipro and my son's problems with Levaquin.  She asked for my name and address. 

Last Sat. I got a certified letter in the mail from a Janssen Research Foundation with an authorization form for the names and addresses of my physicians and for me to allow them to get all the info on MY problems with Levaquin.  The only problem with this form is that it was my son who took the Levaquin and not me.  This woman was not listening. MY name is on the form.   

Evidently this group is doing research on Levaquin and its side effects. 

I tried calling her, but she hasn't responded to me yet.  I don't know if my son would be a willing participant (we are not on speaking terms at this moment anyway) because although he still feels lousy, he is not dwelling on it. He hates when I bring up anything from this forum.  I also think that whenever he has gone to the doctors re: Levaquin and his ADR to it, they don't believe him, so I don't know what type of feedback they would get from these doctors. 

The return envelope reads:


Attention: Drug Safety and Surveillance

               Janssen Research Foundation

               Welsh and Mckean Roads

               Spring House, PA 19477-0776


Their phone number is:  215-628-5000


Has anyone else heard of them or gotten this form?  I am giving you the info so that you can bombard them with calls.

Last Updated 8/02/04