Subject: RE: Electric shock - tingling      

I usually don't post very often but I thought I should since your talking about exercise and how it may or may not help.   My ADR was from Levaquin in May 2000.   My small fiber nerves took the bulk of the damage from the ADR.

I'm really not going to go into the symptoms because like most of us on this forum their pretty much the same but they vary between each person.  No matter what, we've all experience a very traumatic change to our bodies.   I was a wreck for about  7 - 8 months after the initial reaction.  

I play hockey (ice/roller) three to four times a week.  When this hit me, I couldn't play.   I lost 25 pounds and my muscle tone was gone.  By the 8 month the people that love me dearly encouraged me to get my life back, start playing hockey again.   I will admit the first month was very hard.

My symptoms went nuts.  I thought I would never be the same again but as I kept it up it seemed as if I was healing faster.  As the months went by everyone was seeing a difference in me and even I was smiling again.  I was finally feeling like myself again.   When your exercising your are sweating out a lot of stuff, your building your muscles, and so on.  I'm not sure if this helps you but I wanted to share my story because so far it's been the missing link for me.   I found that if I stopped for a few weeks from playing that my symptoms re-appear (very mildly) but they still reappear. That's the part that I think is weird but I try to not let it bother me.

Maybe one day I will be 100% back together but right now I'm pretty close and I really think it's due to the exercise.

Last Updated 8/02/04