I know what you mean about wanting your life back.  You will get it back so don't give up.  Your ADR seems to be more with the tendons and muscles.  My was a little different because my was more with my skin.   I did have two episodes where my arm muscles completely lost their strength.

I couldn't type at work, pick up a glass of milk, let alone my daughter. Both times it happened it took 3 weeks before I gained my strength back.  It was very scary.  When I exercise I were the elbow, wrist, and knee braces by Bike.  It's more a security thing.  I read so many stories of people tearing tendons on this forum that I was just taking a precaution by using the braces.   Have you tried any water exercises.    Are you icing after you exercise or walk?  Does it help.  Ice after, and then heat after that.  See if it helps.  I purchased a hot tub due to this mess and it helps.  All I can say is don't give up and keep looking for answers and relief

Last Updated 8/02/04