Six weeks ago I took one dose of Levaquin and developed severe tendinopathy in arms and legs, plus nerve damage in feet.  Was bedridden for 3 weeks, suicidal for a while from the pain, and still quite disabled but getting around a bit.  Joints hurt, click and pop and are loose, tendons are very tight and painful, and neuropathy pain in feet nearly constant. 

I just joined the group and would like to know a few things.  Sorry if they are nauseatingly repetitious:  

1) Are quinolones in the general food supply?  And if so, how can one avoid them?  

2) Is the damage they cause permanent?  

3) Any effective  treatments for repairing nerves and tendons? 

4) Is there a class action suit against Ortho-McNeil (Levaquin maker) or has anyone successfully sued a quinolone maker for damages?   

Last Updated 8/03/04