Subject: Levaquin, Cipro, Floxin, Noroxin ETC.... quinolone drugs

              I read your posting tonight and the quinolone drugs can have ADR even after you have stopped taking it. I called the FDA and since adverse reactions can occur during taking the drug and after taking it, the FDA said it has not been established yet how long after a person has stopped taking the drug will a person develop an adverse reaction. 

You can write to the FDA and request the Adverse Reaction listing of the cases reported to the FDA.  The address is: FOI Staff**HFI-35**5600 Fischers Lane**Rockville, MD  20857. I know the first report is free and then there is a charge for other reports. The Levaquin report is mind-boggling!!!!  Also, the drug companies who make the quinolone drugs (Ortho, Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, etc) have known all along about the Achilles tendon problem. Ralph Nader's Public Citizen Health Research Group petitioned the Commissioner of the FDA in August of 1996 to send out registered Doctor letters and warn the public about the problem. Here is the link to that letter: ....

Since August 1996 there have been more quinolone drugs manufactured, and this letter pertains to all the quinolone drugs. To this day, not one Doctor has received a letter and I can't tell you how many Doctors don't know about was slipped in the package insert with no notification. Even the drug representatives will say "never heard of that". Of course they are lying. The drug companies are getting away with murder because the quinolone drugs are what you call "fast movers".  I am a statistic, unfortunately. I would bet 10 to 1 that if anyone who works for those drug companies has a family member get sick and a Doctor prescribed Levaquin, Cipro, Floxin, Tequin etc... they would not have their loved one take it.

My life changed dramatically in November 1997. I am still on crutches, still in physical therapy, have been to Mayo Clinic, other major hospitals in the city I live in and no one knows what to do. I had more than my Achilles tendon damaged...I had my whole leg damaged and have atrophy. But, I keep going and searching. I want my life back the way it used to be. Good luck to you and check out that web site for the letter and write the FDA.... you will be amazed.

Last Updated 8/03/04