I recently had a message from someone that is trying to reach me personally.  I am not sure how that works but I am at write _paula@h...  I previously mentioned that I work for FDA and have had problems with Levaquin (subject "Problems with Levaquin" heading on this forum).   

I was having awful problems last weekend with leg and heel pain and trouble walking.  I went to the doctor mid-week this week and she actually did listen and took seriously what I told her.  I showed her information from this forum and also gave her internet information, including information from Ortho-McNeil.  She tested my Achilles tendon (not ruptured) and did some other tests.  She took blood samples to determine if I have had any muscle and tissue damage.  She said that she is so sorry to have given me something that was "toxic" to my body.  She meant that.  I think that she will consider all of this before prescribing this again and will fill out some sort of report.   

The good news (that makes me feel bad in a way because some of you are not doing as well) is that I am feeling much better this weekend.  The heel pain is subsiding and while my legs still ache, they don't feel like they are going to give out on me when I stand.  I have been off of the drug for two weeks.  I plan to take a very easy hike tomorrow to see how I do (I hike regularly, at least I did). 

I will, however, continue to pursue this with my agency and will contact Ortho as soon as I have my ducks in a row.  My job at FDA is as an Investigator for biologic products, including vaccines, allergenics, plasma products, and biotechnology products.  

I will keep in touch with any information that I receive.

Last Updated 8/03/04