I'm now 3 weeks into my post Levaquin ordeal.  I stopped taking the medication after 28 days of 500 mg per day.  It took 21 days before I noticed any significant symptoms-some lightheadedness, stiffness in Achilles and pain in upper arms--nothing too drastic.  After things got a bit worse, I looked on the Ortho website and was amazed to find that the drug could cause tendon problems. 

Went to PCP, told to stop drug and I would recover in a couple of days.  However, symptoms multiplied after I stopped taking the drug.  For the first 10 days or so, I began to have muscle aches in the calf, dizziness, muscle weakness, some numbness in limbs at night, pain in feet, metal taste in mouth, pain in lower back, etc.  Doctor was still saying I would get better soon and that the only real issue was the risk of tendon rupture.  I felt like I was getting worse so I went to see a rheumotologist/internist.  He gave me an initial diagnosis of Reiter's (spelling?) Syndrome rather than a reaction to Levaquin.   

Both Docs said I could proceed with my family vacation to Disney World.  We were in Disney World for 8 days and just got back yesterday.  Symptoms appeared to be leveling off after 4 days in Disney with the worst problem being severe pain in heel and balls of both feet after walking around the park with my kids for 3-4 hours.  However, my symptoms began to get a bit worse after spending 4 hours in direct sunlight and chlorinated water at a water park.  The muscle twitching is back and seems to be moving up my legs slowly.  In addition, the muscle weakness seems to be getting a bit worse. 

Went back to rheumotologist today and he now believes I had a reaction to Levaquin rather than Reiders syndrome based on results of blood work.  However, blood work looks normal.  He says I just need time to let my body heal.  He is sending me for a nerve test tomorrow (ECG?) to see if there is any nerve damage. 

 Based on posts to this forum, I can't tell when most people "level out " on progression of symptoms.  Does age, general health, etc. seem to make a difference for anyone on progression of symptoms, recovery period, etc.?  Any recommendations for tests to be done, remedies, etc.? 

Any information would be helpful. 

Thanks and I pray that all the members of the group will feel better very soon,

Last Updated 8/03/04