Subject: ADR to CIPRO 

             I am really glad to have come across this discussion group and to discover I am not the only one suffering problems after taking a quinolone drug. I was recently prescribed CIPRO by my doctor and as a result I have now developed a number of side-effects from taking this drug. I took it for 7 days (14 x 250mg). Side-effects started with flatulence on day 3, then I began to notice fleeting joint pains, aches in various parts of my body and the sensation that I could feel my heart beat. On the evening of day 7 I had what I can only describe as a panic attack. After that a night of sleeplessness, sweating and feelings of anxiety. Needless to say I took no more CIPRO after this.  

In the 2 and a half weeks since I stopped taking the drug my joint pains (knees, elbows, wrists) have worsened and I have aches that come and go in various parts of my body, the neck is the worst. I have near constant earache, poor concentration and my head feels spaced out.  Also today a new symptom: tingling in my legs and the back of my head. I wonder what is next? 

I have ordered a copy of the book "Bitter Pills" in order to find out more about what is happening to me. The NYTimes has the first chapter of this book online at 

Its astonishing to do a search on Google and to find so many others who have suffered by taking this drug as well. 

I understand that CIPRO can cause erosion of cartilage in joints. I am considering taking glucosamine and chondroitin in order, hopefully to, protect my joints from the worst effects. Has anyone found that taking glucosamine has been a help?  

Do others find, that like me, their symptoms are getting worst since they stopped the drug rather than better?

Last Updated 8/03/04