Subject: Husbands reaction to Cipro 

             My husband a perfectly healthy 62 year old was prescribed Cipro approximately 26 days ago for a bladder infection by an emergency room doctor.  Two days after starting the drug he developed chills and severe night sweats. PCP was called and another urine specimen was taken. Continued to take Cipro.  Five days later (on a Sunday) he awoke not being able to walk, had numbness in his hands and feet.

Went back to ER and was told he had a possible stroke.  A CT Scan showed no sign of stroke but revealed an aneurism on his brain which we were told had no relevance to what he was experiencing. An MRI was taken and again showed no signs of a stroke.  The Neurologist as well as the Neurosurgeon were baffled because he had all the symptoms of a stroke.  (but no one thought to check the reactions to Cipro) He was sent to the ICU and was given heprin (blood thinner) as a precaution and also Cipro through the I V line.

He continued with all his symptoms but now was unable to sleep.  Had another MRI and also a spinal tap.  Which came back negative.  He was then transferred to the Massachusetts General Hospital at my request where he underwent more testing MRI's, MRA's, Ultrasounds, Electroids etc. etc.

Finally one of the Neurologists said that he would bet his reputation that all his problems were due to the Cipro.  Great news so we thought.  We could now concentrate on getting the aneurism operated on.  WRONG!  He came home from the hospital 6 days ago and although he is off of the Cipro he is getting worse.  Acute insomnia, severe back pain, arms and legs ache, depression, anxiety, paranoia, etc. etc. etc.  PCP is on vacation so after speaking to his associate he was given Klonipin .5mg and Flexerol a muscle relaxer to help him sleep.  But nothing seems to help.  He is in so much pain, he is exhausted and there is no relief in sight.  He even started to take Motrin 800mgs for the pain. 

All he does is pace, take showers, and get agitated.  I take him for rides at 3 in the morning, we go for walks, we talk, we read books on the subject, but there is just no relief.  And I feel so helpless.  He is supposed to go and see the Neurosurgeon on the 13th of August 2001 to discuss the operation on the aneurosym but until he feels somewhat better we couldn't even think of putting him through an operation.     What to do  >>>>>>

Will he ever recover?

Last Updated 8/03/04