my lasting adverse drug reaction is peripheral neuropathy.  feet, ankles, hands, arms up to elbows.  I also have burning in the face particularly eyes and mouth.  As I understand it, the facial burning is not PN, but more CNS connected.  The levaquin must attack both nervous systems.  Only time has eased the discomfort.

I still have the eye and facial burning.PN pain was treated with Neurontin, which did a wonderful job, but certainly reduced my alertness, mental capacities.  I am off Neurontin now.  I slowly reduced the dosages till finally off.  I cannot go off the tricycline anti depressant, that aids in the facial/eye/mouth burning (as yet). I tried but the burning was too much to handle.

I took the Levaquin in Feb.1998. So you can see, it takes a some time for the nerve endings to heal.My three smallest toes on each foot is still numb.  I have passing pain on the top of my hands and in the 2-3 littlest fingers.  It goes away in seconds.  (in contrast to continuous pain in the beginning of the ADR). My feet and hands still get that cold feeling - particularly in cold weather. They feel awfully cold, yet not cold to the touch. 

Vit B 12 (dissolved under the tongue) is supposed to assist the nerve endings in healing.  Also exercise.  Perhaps your doctors have you on Neurontin.  I also souped up all my vit/min supplements. Also believe in adding Q10.                   

Last Updated 8/03/04