Subject: Concerns for the safety for my child


             Hello everyone, 

I am hoping that someone out there perhaps has knowledge of Floxin Otic.  My little girl who is just five years old has suffered terribly with ear infections for most of her life and finally just last may had an operation for ear tubes.  The last four months since her operation for the tubes, have been truly wonderful as far as the quality of her health has been concerned, since before we were sitting in doctors offices every other week for yet more antibiotics.  

Well the bad news now...She has developed her first ear infection since her tubes and she is absolutely miserable. Her school called me on Friday to come get her because her ear hurt, So from there we took her to the ER since we could see fluid draining out from her right ear.  The ER did little, to say the least.  They prescribed her Suprax and Codeine syrup for pain.  Well let me tell you I had a bad weekend with her to say the least.  She was extremely irritable thanks to the codeine and developed an allergic reaction to it, and the Suprax never even kicked in after 3 days.  Sooooo we took her back to her regular pediatrician Today and her ears were still bad so he promptly prescribed augmentin and antibiotic ear drops.  It was not until I got home that I started to really freak out.  The Drops are called "Floxin" Otic.  I was reading the prescribing information that Walgreens enclosed and it tells you not to use these if you are sensitive to any fluoroquinolones.  It just bothers me, since I had that bad reaction to Avelox.  I had no clue that there were ear drop quinolones.  Can anyone tell me if these have the same effect as opposed to the pill form on your body or CNS?  I really do love my daughter and I would never dream of giving her something that would harm her in any way.  Until I know I don't have it in me to put these drops into her ear.  Thanks for any help on this one!!!          

Last Updated 8/11/04