Thank you for this site!  After a couple of years of Levaquin prescriptions (5 or 6 three-week doses) for a chronic sinus condition, I have been spending much of my time trying to figure out what is wrong with me.  Went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a couple of weeks and had about every test you can imagine.  That was followed by several other work-ups here locally that included many blood tests and other neurological test - but none of this yielded any insights into my symptoms.  I felt like I was reading about myself on this site.  Here is a letter I wrote to my physician (not the one prescribing the Levaquin) just a month ago.

 Dear Dr._____:

             My problem is sore, aching joints.  My feet are the worst.  It is painful to walk almost all the time, but especially after I been on my feet for an hour or two.  If I get off my feet for a half-hour or so and them get up to walk, it is particularly painful.  Going barefoot makes things worse.  When I am lying on my side in bed, with my legs and feet together, even the weight of one foot on the other is very uncomfortable.  The more I use my feet, the worse the symptoms. 

       The soreness is not limited to weight-bearing joints.  My shoulders ache as well.  Reaching around my back to put my belt through the belt loop in the back is something I must do very gently.  My back is very stiff, especially if I have been standing for a while.  Sometimes it is difficult to get in my car, because I can't bow my head enough to duck it under the doorway opening.  Sleeping is difficult, as I can't get comfortable and end up tossing and turning much of the night.   

       Two weeks ago, Dr. ____ prescribed a prednisone taper for my asthma.  Within two days, I felt better than I have in months.  Shoulders, back, feet - everything - felt great.  No limps, powering up stairs - no problem.  Now that the taper is over, I am right back to where I was.  Everything aches again, and it is this contrast that compels me to write.  I hate prednisone. 

My face breaks out like crazy with deep painful pimples that take many days to resolve.  And, I am aware of other much more concerning potential side effects.  However, I need to do something.  It's getting to the point where am able to do less and less. 

       I would welcome any insights or helpful suggestions anyone can

provide.  Thanks -

Last Updated 8/11/04