Subject: Re: Re: Levaquin and brain tumor


           I would like to know if I could get a copy of that paper. My mother took a course of CIPRO for a UTI 6 months ago, and She has been sick ever since had all kinds of test run every thing was fine, and then sent on to a urologist when 1 month ago blood in urine could not be cured by regular so called DR,  and we are now dealing with kidney cancer, which is devastating.

The present problem is her loss of breath that no one is doing anything about so she can't do much of anything, including talking. The cancer is not effecting the lungs for the breathing according to three specialist.

We have all noticed the sudden memory loss also along with head ache, pains in the hips and very weak.

Mom is 60 and did a lot of Physical Labor all her life managing a store.

Any insight on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank You to all,

Last Updated 8/11/04