I took Tequin in Feb. 2001 for a severe UTI. Discontinued after 5 days because of debilitating ADR-type symptoms - flared up pain in left knee that had ruptured from Floxin, took all the strength from my hands (still can't open jar lids, unscrew bottle caps, etc.), middle finger - left hand - terrible pain and tendonitis (still can't close left hand), total exhaustion, floppy eyelid - left eye (still the same), twitchy right eye (for a month), mental fog, forgetfulness,  sleepiness, weak muscles, so weak that my feet felt too heavy to move when I put my shoes on!, etc. For me it was a bad drug.  

On the other hand, I have a friend who had pneumonia at about the same time, was given massive amounts of Tequin IV and had no ADR whatsoever!  

I wish I knew what determined whether you'll react badly or not...or how long... or if any of us will ever be ourselves again.

Last Updated 8/11/04