Back in June of this year I used Cipro for 28 days for a case of Prostatitis.  At the 14th day, I noticed pain in tendons under my knees.  I called by doctor and he told me to stay on the drug for the full 6 weeks he prescribed.  Well I lasted one more day and was off of the stuff.  I know the ADR's before I took the drug so I quess I knew the risks, so I thought.  Anyway the tendon pain went from my legs to by elbows then to my shoulders.  The pain was so bad the first week I was on percocet.  Anyway my GP didn't believe the Cipro caused the problems, and ran every know infectious disease test, all came back negative.  Tested for Ra, negative. 

Finally I went to see an infectious disease specialist and then a rheumatologist, they believed that this was differently Cipro and began treatment.  Two months have almost gone by now and I see a PT twice a week to work the tendons with stretching exercise and this as really helped.  I can get around ok now and I do believe I'm healing.  My doctor said that it could take up to six months for the tendon problems to resolve and I will have to continue therapy until they do resolve, but I'm hopeful.  Any additional input or support would be very much appreciated.

Last Updated 8/11/04