I took Levaquin for an upper respiratory infection , started the 29th of April 2001 for 10 days.  Immediately following the 10th day I began to have feet, heel, calves of the leg and hand pain.  I thought it would just go away, so I toughed it out for several weeks.  It got so much worse.  I went back to my Dr. who ran test and said I had a slightly elevated ANA and wants to do more blood work. He put me on a medrol pack which while taking, my pain subsided.  I am through with the medrol now, and my pain is coming back.  I am convinced after reading the adverse reactions to Levaquin that I am in pain as a result of taking that drug.  If anyone would like to email me to talk about this, please feel free.  pal1@I...   What I would like to know, has anyone found out how long this "tendonitis" will last?  How depressing!   

Last Updated 8/11/04