I am so happy that I have found this forum.  I have been searching for information on Avelox for weeks and seems most doctors and pharmaceutical companies seem to want to sugar coat everything.  I was prescribed Avelox about three weeks ago.  I have had lumps and discoloration on the top of my foot since May and my doctor wanted to treat it as a skin infection first before doing a biopsy, so he prescribed Avelox.  I am allergic to Penicillin and also Sulfa, so he took that into consideration.  Well I took my prescription home and was approximately 3 days into my treatment when I began to experience the most horrific pain in my legs, and then it radiated to my ankles, my wrists, elbows, Knees, and it was a pain that bore deep into my bones. I couldn't sleep, I felt shaky and on edge, my heart was seemingly racing and I just felt sick.  The next morning I called my doctor and they wanted me to come right in.  I went in and the nurse took my blood Pressure and it was 140/100!  She was a little alarmed since it is always normally 100/60 as a rule.  The doctor told me he thought I was having a reaction and gave me an injection to counteract the reaction and sent me home. 

I felt great for about 8 hours after that injection he gave me then the pain returned that night again with a vengeance!  This was all about three weeks ago, since then I am continuing to have radiating pain off and on as recent as last night when I was experiencing pain that radiated from the back of my knee, to my heel and ankles and leg. The pain made me cry!  I have also been experiencing bouts of severe insomnia which I am unsure if it is related to the Avelox or not.  I do suspect that there must be residual amounts in my system, however I was hoping that someone here might know if my suspicions might be right.  If that is the case how long will the pains in my bones and joints last?  I have not been back to my doctor since my reaction and it almost makes me afraid to go back. As far as medical conditions I do have kidney stones and Horseshoe Kidney, frequent urinary tract infection and Asthma.  I am 31 years old and normally very healthy though.  Hope to get some feedback.


Last Updated 8/12/04