Hello everyone.  My girlfriend was recently prescribed one dose of Levaquin (500mg) per day for 2 weeks, for what her doctor thought was pneumonia.  She was taking Augmentin for a case of plurasee (sorry, I don't know how it's spelled, so I wrote it phonetically).  That's an infection of the lungs- it didn't go away, so he suspected pneumonia. He also prescribed Vioxx (I'm not sure of the dosage). She received her chest x-ray back yesterday- she does not have pneumonia.  She was complaining to me that she thought these drugs were making her feel "off". She can't sleep at night, she feels angry for no reason, and once she felt like the room was closing in on her.  She also had a red bump on her cheek that came & went, maybe in the space of a half hour. 

I went on the internet to try to dig up some information on the drugs-and good thing I did!  My question is, do we have to worry if she stops taking this drug without finishing the bottle?  I see no reason for her to be taking such a risk, especially since she doesn't have pneumonia in the first place!


Last Updated 8/12/04