I had taken Cipro twice with no adverse reaction. 1994 and 1996. Then in 1997 I took Ofloxacin and had the bad tendon, calf, keel, and foot joint pain.  About a yr later I took ONE cipro and got a milder case of the leg, and tendon pains. So the cipro apparently was fine. The Oflox sensitized me to what I am assuming is all other Flouroquinolones for any future use. Even though I am not technically allergic to these drugs I had them put in my records that I am allergic so as to preclude any prescriptions in the future.  

Also, and I don't know if this is necessary but why take chances, I will not take Macrobid either. Even to it's not an FQ one of the reactions listed at Medscape is "neuro-toxicity". Don't know if it also affects tendons but I wont get involved with anything that had neurological implications.

Last Updated 8/12/04