I have been reading the postings but have not posted anything myself in a while now.  I took Levaquin in May of 2001 for a possible UTI. 

I had tendon problems immediately and they have gotten worse instead of better. I've had constant swelling and pain.  I also have other problems:  irregular heart beat, sky high blood pressure, high cholesterol. 

 I have had MRIs on both ankles several months ago and they indicated acute tendonitis.  I am not certain my insurance company will pay for more MRIs although I do have another doctor's appointment next week and we'll see what he suggests. My question is: at what point do you realize your tendon is probably ruptured? Can you no longer walk at that point? If you have had surgery for your Achilles tendons and you can guide me in any way, please email me directly.  I check back to the forum once a week now. 

Thanks for any guidance. Best to all.   

Last Updated 8/12/04