Because I have had a head injury and am much worse since taking levaquin almost 3 yrs ago, I have a hard time explaining things but will try to tell what happened as I tried to sue the doctor for not reading the insert.  I had several doctors (two of whom were neurologists) say that had the doctor read the insert, she would have known that I wasn't a candidate because I'd had a CNS  injury and possible head injury in the past.  I only had dizziness in the beginning and even though I went back to the doctor 3 days into the treatment and complained that I felt worse (I really felt like I was dying but that sounded hysterical), they said to keep taking it.  I went back at the end of the 10 days complaining of the same things.  I now have quivering of the brain that won't stop (simple partial seizure disorder), continual (hangover) headaches, I've developed cataracts (also now listed as an adverse reaction), just had a basilar cell carcinoma taken off my chest which could or could not be related at all, muscles burn, am fatigued and weak, have left temporal and right frontal lobe damage, memory loss, poor judgement and deductive reasoning problems, etc etc.  I can't get into a seizure specialist (my previous two appts with Barrows clinic were cancelled by them) in my state until next year.

I sent my records after speaking with them, to the Sheller group in pa to see if the doctor could be sued for negligence.  I've emailed them since it's been 9 mos at least and have heard nothing and my time limitation is up this dec but apparently they can't prove that the damage wasn't there before \the levaquin because I hadn't had an EEG before nor neuropsych testing. My EEg is abnormal now, none of my previous eye exams showed cataracts, the neuropsych testing showed up the damage.   I don't know, I'm surmising that because I've heard nothing back as to why they won't be taking my case.

Maybe there's simply not enough return to be had for all the work that would go into it.  I've not been able to understand how people can sue for putting burning hot coffee in their own lap and we can't for doctor's negligence.

Perhaps a lawyer type could explain this to us.

Last Updated 8/12/04