It's been a long time since I have been in touch, but I continue to read everything that's posted.  I am the one who suffered tendonitis and tendon rupture, with surgery.  I took levaquin for pneumonia in late February, 2001; I suffered tendonitis immediately.  The pain was severe and finally immobilizing. The Achilles tendon (the only tendon affected thank god) ruptured in early May. The surgeon who did the repair found considerable necrosis which he stripped away before re-attaching what was left of the tendon.  I didn't walk for more than ten weeks.  Finally, when I could walk again, I had to "relearn" walking with physical therapy.

 Now I am pretty much all right, although I can't walk a lot without suffering pain in my ankle. The ankle and foot swell at the end of a day of moderate activity and my foot and ankle swell so that I have to wear adjustable sandals. However, I thank God that I can walk at all.  I feel that Levaquin was prescribed in a rather cavalier way because I was not very sick (I had a mild case of pneumonia) and other, less dangerous, antibiotics could have been tried before going to a quinolone. But I thank God for the brilliant surgeon who saved my mobility, and realize that many others have suffered far worse ADRs than mine.  My comment is this: for those with severe tendonitis pain, I wonder if there is, in their cases, necrosis, and if they can ever get better with all that dead tissue hanging around?  Any thoughts on this, forum?

Last Updated 8/12/04