I have had a terrible reaction to Avelox on the 5th day of taking it.  I was rushed to the hospital about an hour and a half after my 5th dose.

 I honestly thought I was going to die.  I felt an indescribable feeling, something like a "sinking" or "waves" inside my chest.  I was very weak, my blood pressure was 150/100 and my pulse was 120.  My face was so flushed and I was extremely dizzy.  They diagnosed me as having a bad "sunburn" and/or an "inner ear infection."  I knew it was neither as I am a sun worshiper and have had many ear infections.  The severe symptoms lasted about 5 hours. 

They did an EKG and all sorts of blood tests.  Other than a high white blood cell count (which shows infection, which is why I was taking the avelox in the first place), the tests were all negative. I was told to continue the Avelox so I did and the same thing happened within an hour after taking it the next day.  I called my doctor and got another prescription.  Since then I have had nothing but severe heart palpitations and fluctuating blood pressure and pulse.  I was told it's anxiety but I know it's the Avelox.  The same symptoms come and go without any reasoning.  Sometimes it just happens out of the blue and sometimes it happens after I get very stressed. 

I also was diagnosed with an arrhythmia (an extra beat here and there through out the day) which I know was from the Avelox too.  I too would like to know of anyone else's adverse reaction to Avelox.    Good Luck and keep me posted.  P.S....I also have developed a twitch on my left eyelid about a month ago, but it seems to be dissipating this last week.


Last Updated 8/13/04