Just wanted to update all of you.  I am having an awful time, as I full well knew I would.  I finally broke down and went to the ER over the weekend because my knee was still balled in a tight knot, and my leg was killing me to walk, especially to go up steps.

Anyway, I had a terrible experience at the hospital.  First of all let me ask one thing, is it just me or is there a sudden surge in the increase of physician assistants as opposed to MD's???  Well I got a physicians assistant who totally disregarded anything I had to say, he did not even acknowledge my pain, all he did was order three x-rays of my knee, (which I knew were unnecessary since they only take pictures of bone)  anyway needless to say they were alright and he told me he thought I had a fatty cyst, (Huh???)

Anyway, he is full of it since pain is accompanying it and it is my opinion that he just did not want to bother with me since he ran no tests other than the x-ray.  One more thing....he stated that I should watch the egg sized lump, since he didn't think it was a blood clot but he wanted me to keep an eye just in case!!!!  If he even suspected a blood clot shouldn't of he ran tests???  My husband was angry, he has worked in the medical profession himself for many years and he thinks this total incompetence....What do you all think????????  This behavior is unacceptable as far as I am concerned...just how much schooling is required to become a physician assistant anyway?      

Last Updated 8/13/04