Kim's Story

On May 23, 2002, our 38 year old daughter, Kim, was prescribed Cipro by her Primary Care Physician for what was thought to be bronchitis or possibly pneumonia.  No sputum tests were done, no chest x-ray.

Our daughter had both kidney and liver problems -- due to damage from radiation for cancer years ago.  On the morning of May 25th, I called the Dr. to ask for something for our daughter's cough.  Methylpred-nisolone was prescribed -- and the Dr. said:  "she should be much better by Monday!"  (That was Saturday morning)  Six hours later our daughter complained of extreme tiredness -- laid down to rest, and in a matter of seconds stopped breathing!  Paramedics were unable to revive her -- and she was pronounced dead.

Two days later her Physician called and said he did NOT know the cause of death -- and assumed it was a Massive Heart Attack!  We have talked with several nurses who are familiar with Cipro and the Methylprednisolone -- and all agree she should NEVER have been prescribed either of those meds, with her history of kidney and liver problems.  We will always believe the medications caused her death -- though the Doctor will not admit that.







- I just wanted to say this was the first story I received that resulted in a death.  It was hard to put this together through the tears.  I just want to wish Betty and the family of Kim my deepest heartfelt sympathies. I have a daughter myself and cannot imagine the pain you have endured losing her.  I would take all my symptoms and more rather than lose my daughter.  Please know we are doing everything we can to prevent these tragedies.  Thank you for the courage sharing Kim's story and giving us her picture.  Know that you are all in my prayers.  May God cover you with his loving presence in your lives each and every day....... Bob

- I am so sorry to hear of your devastating loss. I will pray for you and your family. Please remember that she is now with God is living a glorious life in heaven......  Shelly


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